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        began my design studies at Damascus University in Syria. I completed my undergraduate degree at the New York City College of Technology, where I was on the Dean’s honor list for three years before graduating magna cum laude in 2017. Following my graduation, I continued my studies for a Masters’ degree in Architectural Lighting Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

I joined CBB as an intern in 2018, working with CBB design teams on a variety of projects including night imagery lighting for tower façades and outdoor sites. My work at CBB also fulfills the hands-on design experience required for my Master’s degree and for the completion of my thesis on the psychological effects of different lighting schemes when viewed in virtual reality.

Prior to working with CBB, I worked as a New York City landmarks specialist, gaining experience in the preservation of historic building facades city-wide. In this role, I learned that lighting is a key aspect of architectural design, which transforms a project’s aesthetic and its impact on human well-being.

I make this philosophy the basis of all my work in design and architecture

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